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Energy efficiency via LED lighting systems*

High quality LED lighting brightening up every aspect of your organisation

Up to 80% less power consumed v traditional lighting systems

Upto 90% less ongoing maintenance - with lifecycles of 5 to 10 years where is no need to constantly check and replace lamps and bulbs

Financial sense

Major costs savings from much lower energy bills – assessed and approved by the Carbon Trust

Low cost funding for energy efficient systems, with no deposit and designed so that payments are offset against savings - potentially cashflow neutral from the start

Enhanced Capital Allowances available for all energy efficient systems – 100% deductible in the first year


Enhanced environmental credentials from reducing your CO2 emissions - you have nothing to lose but your carbon footprint.

Enhanced quality of light leading to improved ambience throughout your buildings; subtle changes but all contributing to a better working experience for your staff

* For the other energy efficient technologies we can offer see here